We invite you to exhibit at Perth Bridal Fair in 2018. Your participation will benefit your business with your exposure to an estimated 3500 – 8000 potential customers at the event.

A large proportion of the outstanding success of the Perth Bridal Fair can be contributed to the support we have received from our very generous sponsors and exhibitors. This event is now the premier bridal event in Perth.

For the 2018 event, we focus on the stylish individualistic couple. Our tactical approach to the wedding market will be to male and female audiences in the 18 – 45+ demographic.

A media spend for this event will be spread over radio and social media. This spend is effectively doubled with individual promotions..

For more information please contact Kym on:

Mobile: 0412 090 090


Terms and Conditions of Exhibitor Participation All applications are subject to the Terms and Conditions as detailed herein. Perth Bridal Fair may forward further details and advice as needed from time to time. General rules and instructions will also be forwarded for the benefit of clients.



Booking of any exhibition and/or advertising space is by invitation and subject to Perth Bridal Fair approval. Admission to participate is subject to the decision of Perth Bridal Fair – this permission may be withheld without explanation and no rights of compensation exist in such cases. Perth Bridal Fair are not required to advise if the booking has been accepted. This confirmation of approval is valid only for the organisation named on the application form and for the products/category as stated on this form. Sub-letting or assignment is not allowed under any circumstance unless approved by Perth Bridal Fair. Every participant is obliged to find out the general conditions that apply to participation. All bookings shall be binding when accepted by Perth Bridal Fair.



Unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Perth Bridal Fair may require them to;

  • postpone, cancel or change the date of an event
  • change the size, location and composition of floor space booked
  • relocate an event to an alternate venue
  • shorten the event
  • relocate a participant

Perth Bridal Fair are not responsible for the return of any fees charged or part thereof if changes are made.



Distribution of advertising material at events is allowed only for the participant’s own products and/or the products they have on display and leaflets cannot be distributed outside of the immediate areas of the allocated site.



The organisers and/or venue operators may provide a general security service but exhibitors are advised to protect themselves against loss through theft or damage during the event. This cover should also include move in and move out period’s prior and post event. Whilst every care will be taken no responsibility for loss and/or damage will be borne by the organisers. Perth Bridal Fair hold public liability insurance to cover their own exposure, but remind exhibitors to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage for their own needs. The organisers will apply for a trading license as required under the Retail Trading Hours Act as required.



Passes are allocated to staff and limited trade passes made available to exhibitors — the allocated quantity is dependent upon the size of space booked ie 6x2m and 4x3m = 6 passes: 4x2m = 4 passes: 3x2m = 3 passes: 2x2m = 2 passes: Space Only = 1 pass Additional exhibitor passes are available at reduced cost to exhibitors at $10 per pass.



All contracts are subject to the Goods & Services Tax (GST) and will be payable according to legislation, either current or pending. The date of application of the GST shall fall due at the time of the issue of publication or staging of event or as determined by the Australian Tax Office. All contracts will be subject to this legislation and the Applicant named will be liable for all payments due at the applicable rate. This form will be a Tax Invoice for GST purposes upon payment being received as detailed in the Payment Schedule. Please keep a copy of the completed form for GST purposes.



Artwork costs and charges will be charged at the rates shown on this contract. Perth Bridal Fair may choose to waive artwork costs at their discretion. If an applicant chooses to provide finished artwork, it must be according to the following conditions, otherwise Perth Bridal Fair cannot guarantee the quality of output and may charge additional rates to compensate. It must be; (i) provided by the required deadline and (ii) it must be provided with an acceptable colour proof and in digital format according to mechanical specifications. If an Applicant chooses to have Perth Bridal Fair prepare the artwork, it must be according to the following conditions, otherwise Perth Bridal Fair cannot guarantee the quality of output and may charge additional rates to compensate. It must be; (i) provided by the required deadline, (ii) the Applicant must provide adequate instructions and layout details in the form of an exhibition brief and (iii) the Applicant must provide suitable quality pdf’s, photographs, illustrations or other material. All material provided to Perth Bridal Fair by the Applicant must be free of any encumbrances and the Applicant must have unrestricted rights to use such material. If there are any restrictive rights, the Applicant must secure permission to use such material prior to publication. Perth Bridal Fair will not be liable for any breach of copyright by the Applicant if supplied material is in breach of copyright.



Advertisers are advised to submit to their legal advisers, advertisements relating to competitions which may infringe legislation such as the Lotteries Act



Due to the Copyright Act 1968 advertisers are advised that the inclusion in advertisements of material (photographed, artist’s illustrations and text) taken from any article published in a newspaper, magazine, periodical or similar publication is strictly prohibited without the written consent of the owner of the copyright.



An Applicant will not be at liberty to cancel or withdraw their application for participation once Perth Bridal Fair has accepted it. A charge of 100% of total contract cost will be levied to meet the costs to Perth Bridal Fair should a participant choose to cancel their participation for whatever reason at any time. If an applicant notifies Perth Bridal Fair in writing six months prior to the event date, that owing to unforeseen circumstances they are unable to fullfil the contract, Perth Bridal Fair may at their discretion cancel the contract without prejudice to any claim by Perth Bridal Fair against the Applicant. Should Perth Bridal Fair succeed in re–allocating any such cancelled contract after this date at the fixed charge they may at their discretion, relieve the Applicant of part of their responsibility for payment for the contract. Applicants who fail to comply with deadlines for payment of deposit and/or other payments for their contract or fail to fullfil their contract, may jeopardise their right to participate, will have their contract participation details changed and be liable for full contract value. Any costs incurred in recovery of payments will be charged to the Applicant. Late payment may incur a charge of 15% per annum for any overdue amount. If the Applicant wishes to withdraw their application for participation once it is accepted by Perth Bridal Fair and the event is closer than 6 months, the exhibitor will lose all monies paid by the exhibitor at this time. If the exhibitor cancels in the last two weeks prior to the event the exhibitor will lose all money paid and Perth Bridal Fair may not offer a position in future years events.



Perth Bridal Fair will use all details regarding the contact details and production requirements on this contract for the management, development and promotion of the project concerned. Information will be passed on the third parties only for the successful completion of the project and will not be passed on to any other party outside of these requirements without the Applicant’s approval. Details are kept on an electronic database and available to the Applicant upon request with suitable notice.



Exhibitors and/or exhibition agencies in consideration of Perth Bridal Fair agreeing to provide exhibition space and advertising space, agree to indemnify Perth Bridal Fair, its servants and agents against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands and warrant that the publication and promotion of the Applicants products/services will not give rise to any legal, equitable or statutory rights against Perth Bridal Fair and will not breach any laws or regulations.


The figures speak for themselves …

  • 60% of visitors to an exhibition have never been exposed to your service
  • 69% of visitors’ purchase or book services from exhibitors whilst at the exhibition, or at some time in the future
  • 80% of visitors are influenced to use products or a service seen at an exhibition

An exhibition will allow you to demonstrate your services, develop customer relationships, allow direct access to unknown clients and create leads. With a strong advertising and media campaign planned, Perth Bridal Fair is guaranteed to bring in the business you want. You cannot afford to miss Perth Bridal Fair 2018! Perth Bridal Fair reaches a target audience of Western Australia’s brides-to-be.

Our visitor survey revealed that the majority of brides attended two or more bridal exhibitions to organise their wedding, with Perth Bridal Fair being the most popular as it closely follows the traditional proposal days of Christmas, New Year and most importantly Valentines Day.


Age 18 – 45 years old
Combined Income $45,000 – $120,000
Average Reception Spend $35,000

Style – Fresh, contemporary, stylish
Attendance- 8,000 +

Extensive advertising campaign
Outstanding bridal fashion parades
Excellent facilities/venue

Venue – Perth Exhibition and Convention Centre
Date – 24th – 25th March, 2018

Join in the fun

Don’t miss out on the biggest bridal event of the year!