10 Easy Ways to Cut Costs for Your Big Day

With Kodak picture stations in every Officeworks, designing your own save the date cards and invitations has never been easier. All you need is a selection of your favourite photos together and about 1.5-2 hours to pick a layout, upload the pictures of your choice, and wait for the cards and invites to print. These invites are also really personal because they feature so many great pics documenting your love.

7 Unique Wedding Themes 0

Every couple wants to create a day that is as unique as they are. It can be hard to pick a theme that represents who you and your partner are as a couple without going into the realm of weird or tacky. Here are 7 subtle themes that will offer stylistic guidance to your wedding without going overboard. Just remember, the key to a successful themed wedding is in the little details.

Wedding Trends

Every year wedding trends change. It is no surprise that in recent years, due to tough economic times, many of these trends are about saving money. Brides and grooms are no longer able to spend as much or at least willing to break the bank for a large and in charge wedding day. Also, it seems that couples are going for less formal weddings and opting for casual affairs.

5 Biggest things Brides forget

If you’re allowed to check into your hotel room early—and you don’t personally need to be there to officially check in— pick someone to drop your overnight bag at your hotel before your ceremony starts. A guest who’s staying at the same place will more than likely be happy to do this for you, since they’re going to have to check in any way! If your things can’t arrive sooner than you, ask a bridesmaid to be responsible for bringing your bag to the wedding and finding a safe spot for it in the bridal suite. Even easier, if you’ll have the same car or limo for the entire day and night, opt to keep your stuff in the boot.