2018 Flower Trends

This year’s trends follow the bohemian bride and vintage bride trends quite heavily. Feature bright quirky pops of colour, soft baby’s breath, pearls and sparkle these flower and bouquet concepts will stand out in your wedding photos and make a real style statement.

Native Botanicals


Shop local, eat local and now pick local. Native botanicals have been trending and it is no surprise why. The bright beautiful colours and unique shapes make for a unique bouquet, and it will last (almost) forever. They dry beautifully so your bouquet and your marrigle can age together with beauty and grace.

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

This trend offer soft colourful bouquets that are the underpinning of any bohemien or rustic styled wedding. Depending on where you get your flowers from, this can also be an excellent cost saving choice. These boutonniere and bouquets will store well, but you have to be gentle with the flowers during the event, as they can break and flake apart quite easily.

Anything but roses

No Roses

Make a real statement with sunflowers or tulips! This is a great choice if you are looking to reflect the season in your flower choice. Tulips for spring, sunflowers for summer, Begonia in autumn and Calla Lilies or Holly in winter.

The Forever Bouquet

Forever Flowers

These sparkly bouquets and boutonnieres are showstoppers! They are enchanting, with so many different pieces going into each one. If the broaches are all sourced second hand, and you make everything by hand this can be the cheapest way to arrange your flowers. One thing to be mindful of though is that these bouquets can be very heavy. It is work looking into a stand or making a stand so that you do not need to hold it up all night or worry about breaking it when you set it down.