Modern Bridal Colour Palette


Grey Wedding

The combination of grey and white is both classic and ethereal. Small pops of other colours, such as pink flowers are made to look brighter with the monotone grey background.

This palette works well for weddings in the spring or fall, particularly for outdoor weddings, as the grey plays well with all of the bright colours happening naturally around you.

This palette will also compliment any skin tone so your bridal party are guaranteed to look their best on your special day.

We recommend opting for mid to dark shades of grey, to avoid dresses and linens looking dirty rather than fashionable.

Monotone White

Monotone White

Taking tradition beyond tradition, an all white wedding makes for a surprisingly bright statement.

Differents couples will take the all white to different levels, but some have gone all out opting for white bridesmaid dresses, white tuxedos, white flowers, and even white chairs and linen. The combination of all this white is blinding, but in a good way.

All white can be a good choice, especially in warm climates. We would recommend this palette for child free weddings only though.


Metallic Wedding

The metallic trend has been going strong since last year, and honestly we can’t see it going anywhere. There are so many ways to incorporate this palette into your day, and all of them look spectacular.

Whether you are opting for subtle metallics or full blown glitter dresses, this palette makes a classy statement.

We recommend mixing metals, rather than opting for only one shade. For example, instead for just gold or rose gold, incorporate silver and bronze accents as well. The mix of metals will make shade matching less important allowing the decorator to be more flexible in the selection of decor. Our favourite way to mix metals though is in the bridesmaid dresses. Not only does the mix look beautiful, but it also allows your bridesmaid the flexibility to select the metallic that looks best with their skin tone.