Top tips to save money on your wedding day

Top tips to save money on your wedding day

Do an e-invite

wedding invite

Paperless invites are beautiful, they’re cheap and or free, and they are good for the earth. What more can you ask for really.

We recommend that you check out Paperless Post‎ and Greenvelope‎. They have thousands of designs, and you can track each and every invite that is sent. This way you know that not only has each invite been received, but it has also been read.

Make your own centerpieces


Floral centre pieces are very traditional, but they can cost a fortune and good fake flowers will run you almost as much! Why no consider making your own centre pieces. Large and small jars grouped together with different sized candles, or lanterns collected from op shops. These both look great and will cost less than $10 – $15 per table.

Run your own bar


Rather than hiring a rental company, consider running your own bar. Only offer drinks that are pre-packaged so that you do not need to hire glassware, and have an acquaintance, or get a few volunteer friends to do shifts of an hour each.

Buy your dress on sale

vintage wedding dress

This one seems a bit obvious, but it can save you thousands. Do some research and find out when the best sales are, or if you are lucky enough to be sample size (normally and 8 or 10) then check out a few sample sales. At the Perth Bridal Fair, some of our retailers will have dress sales running and this is anther great time to grab yourself a bargain.