Fun ways to get fit in 2018

Fun ways to get fit in 2018

Desk jobs, brunch with the girls and after work drinks took their toll in 2017, but it is 2018 now and you have a wedding to get ready for. You want to spend your big day thinking about your love, not worrying about how you look in your dress, and getting fit will give you the confidence to be worry free.

While going to the gym and eating a strict healthy diet are always going to be the best way to lose weight and get fit, it doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. Here are 5 great ways to have fun, while making some lifestyle changes for the betterment of your health.

Food Prep Dates


Why not make a day of it? Find a friend who has similar goals, and similar taste in food. Do some research ahead of your prep day so that you know what recipes you will be cooking and can build your shopping list. Then you can go to the shops together and make your 4-5 different dishes while chatting the afternoon away. Portion each dish into personal serving sizes and split your food haul in half. Freeze what you won’t be able to consume in the next few days, and voila! You have healthy meals for at least the next week that are as easy to prepare as hitting a couple buttons on the microwave.

Start a Swim/Walk/Bike Club


Pick an exercise that you actually enjoy doing, because if you don’t like it you won’t stay committed. Then take to Facebook and find some friends that also enjoy your sport of choice. Set a weekly date and hold each other accountable. One hour a week isn’t a tonne of time, but it will jump start a healthy mind set. You’ll enjoy the social side of the exercise and who knows, you may even trick yourself into enjoying the exercise!

Hire a trainer that is your friend

Wedding Training Fitness
Wedding Training Fitness

Let’s face it, we all have that super fit friend, or a friend of a friend who became a personal trainer and never looked back. Go hire them! You will get to catch up with a friend while they torture you with exercise, and you’ll be supporting them in their business. It’s a win win really.

Join a team sport

women hockey

Did you play rugby in school? What about Netball or hockey? Why not look to see if there is a local league in your area. Even if you don’t start out with the confidence to play games, you will get the training 2-3 times a week and you will have the support of a team behind you the whole way.

Take a cooking class


Have you ever taken a cooking class before? Even if your chef skills are already advanced, there will be classes to suit your level. Whether you are learning to boil an egg or how to make vegan cheese, you’re going to have a blast hanging out with other foodies learning how to make healthy, delicious and nutritious food in your own kitchen.