Bridal Shower vs Hens Party – Classy ideas to celebrate your upcoming nuptials

Bridal Shower vs Hens Party – Classy ideas to celebrate your upcoming nuptials

What happened to the Bridal Shower? If the OTT Hens Party with too much booze, with penis straws and the possibility of a stripper is so not your thing we’ve got some great ideas for a more refined evening that still give yous a great day out with the girls!

The Lip Lab


Have you ever wanted to design your own custom lip colour? The Lip Lab is your place! They are in both Fremantle and the Perth CBD and offer full venue book outs for private groups.

Each guests will get to design their own dream lipstick in the texture and colour that suits them best.

After everyone has finished making their lipsticks, why not head to a dinner reservation at one of Perth’s many award winning small bars.

Some of our favourite bars are: Clarences, Measure, Piggy Food Co, Shadow Wine Bar, and Refuge Small Bar.

Walking Tours


Walking Tours are taking off in Perth and offer a lot of flexibility to arrange the perfect day. Local Perth company Eat the Street Walking Tours offer anything from fancy small bar crawls to mid day brunch tours.

With all of the food and drink included in the ticket price, it means everyone can have a few drinks but no one can over do it as it is all planned on a pre designed menu arranged by the tour company.

They offer private tours anytime of day and can arrange tours in any suburb so will really make the day perfectly suited to you are your girl squad.

Cooking Classes

salt and company

This option is better for a smaller group, of 15 or less, but is a unique and fun way to spend a final single night with all the most important ladies in your life.

Salt & Company are located in West Perth and offer a huge array of specialised cooking classes to learn how to make your foods based on country. They offer Thai, Vietnamese, French, Spanish, Moroccan, and so many more.

Taste Budd’s Cooking Studio is located in Highgate and is run by British born Sophie Budds, who has worked in Michelin Star restaurants and has cooked for both the Queen and for members of Queen in her long and impressive career.

Both cooking schools are conveniently located near bustling hospitality hubs should anyone want to go out after the cooking classes have finished.

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