Whose day is it anyway? Three tips to keep you sane while organising your wedding

Whose day is it anyway? Three tips to keep you sane while organising your wedding

People joke all the time that their wedding was more for their parents than it is for them, but too often this is the truth. It’s not just our parents, but our siblings, great aunt Jane, our best friend from high school; everyone seems to have a vision of what your big day should be and they often won’t hold back sharing their thoughts with you.

Here are our top 3 tips for keeping you sane during the planning process.

Responding to Forceful Requests


Basically you will need to learn how to tell your loved ones where to shove their ideas in the most polite, and politically correct way possible.

Why can’t I bring my kids? Cousin so-and-so gets a plus one why don’t I? I am a paleo vegan, will there be food for me? What do you mean you aren’t getting married in a church?

These are just a few examples of the many questions you will have flying your way after the announcement of your nuptials. Before announcing your engagement, sit down with your partner and discuss what you want before the bombardment of external influence comes in.

The topics that are important to have nailed down in advance are:

  • Are kids allowed or aren’t they
  • Do you want a dinner or a standing cocktail event
  • Will there be a cash bar or is everything included
  • Where do you want to get married
  • Are plus one’s only extended to married guests

Once you and your partner are firm in what you want, deflecting requests is easy. Any time someone you love makes a recommendation that goes against what you want, compliment their idea and follow it up with a “but we’ve already locked in <insert your wedding preference here>”.

Don’t get hung up on the small stuff


Think back to all the best weddings that you have attended. What stood out? Do you remember what the chair cover looked like or what the centerpieces were?

We are not saying, don’t have centrepieces, what we are saying is don’t stress out about your centrepieces.

Once you have arranged the venue, the food, the drink, and the music you’re sorted. These core items are the essence of the party and while every other detail will add to the overall beauty of the day, having a cheaper centerpiece, or not getting your first choice of florist won’t ruin your big day.

Book little holidays or staycations in the lead up to the wedding


Planning weddings are time consuming, and most couples are both working full time in the lead up so there is a lot to juggle. Don’t underestimate the soothing effect of one night in a local hotel with your phone turned off, or a few days out of the city camping.

No one wants to get to their wedding day and feel exhausted. Balancing life, and events coordination, and family politics can make anyone feel a bit drained so try to have at least 1 day every month where you and your partner hit the pause button.

Our top recommendations are:

  • Booking a last minute deal for a cheap hotel in the Perth CBD or Fremantle
  • Spending a day in the Swan Valley wine tasting (or beer tasting!)
  • Go camping in Jurien Bay or Pemberton
  • Spend a day biking around Rottnest Island

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