The perfect tan – Avoid looking like Trump while saying I do

The perfect tan – Avoid looking like Trump while saying I do

Everyone wants to have that perfect glow, but nobody wants to deal with the negative side effects of too many UV rays. Keep your skin healthy and looking young by mastering the dark art of fake tan. Pun totally intended.

There are a few different ways to approach your sun safe glow, and we’ll cover all the most important ones so that you’re not left looking like Trump’s mini me.

At Home Tanning Lotions, Mousses, and Aerosols


At home solutions can range from $10 – over $40 depending on the brand, but more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality. The most important thing is to find the right shade for your skin and this could take a few attempts.

When trying a new tan, do a sample patch, for example only tan you right thigh. This will let you see how the tan develops and whether or not it gives you the glow you’re after or leaves your leg looking like a pumpkin.

Two top tips when selecting an at home product, look for something with a green base rather than an orange base, especially when looking at darker shades. Also, make sure you buy the applicator mitt! This is the most important thing you can do. The applicator mitt ensures a smooth and streak free application while also preventing the palms of your hands from going a really weird colour. Though, if that does happen, don’t worry! There is a magic soap that will remove the fake tan from your hands, and from anywhere else if need be.

Recommended products:

  • Le Tan Ultra Dark Lotion $13.99
  • jBronze Mousse $19.99
  • ModelCo Tan Remover Soap $6.99

Professional Spray Tan

spray tan

Unlike the at home version of tan, with spray tans you absolutely get what you pay for. Much darker than the at home version, you can get supremely tan in one session with out days and weeks of having to layer your product at home.

With darker tan comes greater responsibility though, as the deeper shades make it much easier for you to turn into a carrot.

Look for someone who has a great reputation. Research counts for a lot. Look at their Facebook and Google reviews and make a selection on someone who will suit your needs. Some offer an at home service, while others you will have to go to their salon. If you do travel to your appointment, make sure you wear loose clothes to avoid marking your tan, and don’t wear anything you would want stained.

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