Unique and affordable ways to cater your wedding

Unique and affordable ways to cater your wedding

Food Trucks


With food trucks you can pick a package that suits your budget and when the package runs out guests have the option of buying food if they need it.

Eat No Evil are a South American inspired food truck that really have their catering skills on point! Their food focuses on fresh local ingredients and the menu changes seasonally. They offer 3 tiers of catering service depending on how much you think you will require and also offer extras such as large yard games (think giant jenga) and grazing tables. You can also book your bartenders through them, but keep in mind you will need to still provide your own alcohol and glassware.

Delish Ice Pops are perfect for summer weddings. Again they have weddings dialed, offering a 3 tier catering option that ranges from serving the pops yourself to having an adorable vintage van and vintage babe come to dish out pops all night. (feature image is from Delish Pops)

Stand Up Degustation

Local chef Herb Faust, of Herb Faust Foods, offers a standing degustation. This 5 course meal is what you would get if a sit down dinner and a cocktail party had a baby. It’s casual and laid back, while still providing beautiful, substantial food. While 5 courses is their standard, there is the option to add more for an additional cost if you think your guests will need more.

Rent a Wood Fired Pizza Oven

woddfire pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza?! This is an affordable and very easy way to cater for a large group of people. Most woodfire pizza caterers are able to offer both meat and vegetarian options, gluten free options, and many also offer a dessert pizza option as well. This is a very laid back way to make sure that all of your guests are well fed for a very reasonable price.

BBQ Pig on a Spit

pig on a spit

Maybe not the best option for couples with a lot of vegetarian friends, but if your loved ones are all meat lovers having a BBQ pig is not only affordable but also really unique. Dinner becomes a show, and the smell of the pig roasting will have everyone’s mouth drooling. Being able to go grab a roast meat sandwich whenever hunger hits is also a big plus for guests, and will help to mitigate the drinking that inevitably happens at any wedding.

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