Wedding Cake Trends: Satisfy your sweet tooth in style

Wedding Cake Trends: Satisfy your sweet tooth in style

Other than the bride, it’s the cake that is the centre of attention at a wedding. They tie together your theme, make for great pictures, and keep the kids busy until the sugar high hits.

Food brings together family and friends, every wedding needs a great cake! Not only should your cake be a work of art, but it should be delicious too.

Our guide of cake trends will help you hone in on the cake of your dreams for your dream day.

Fresh Floral Decoration

Floral Decoration

A stunning idea to bring together other aspects of your décor and colour palate, incorporating fresh flowers into your cake decoration will leave a visual imprint your guests won’t soon forget.

We suggest checking out Rochelle Adonis.

Calligraphy Toppers

Calligraphy cake (1)

As mentioned in our Wedding Trends to Watch in 2016 blog. A custom calligraphy topper is a beautiful way to show off your new name. Also a good snap of the cake with your names on top would make for an adorable thank you card for after the festivities.

We suggest checking out Sugar & Nice.

Candy & Colour Explosion

Candy explosion

This trend has been around for a while now but it won’t be leaving any time soon. The hallmarks of this trend and lots of icing drips, stunning candy or chocolate sails, and heaps of candy in colours matching your theme. These cakes are fun and give off a nonchalant vibe. They really make an impact on everyone who sees them.

We suggest checking out Lottie & Belle.

Single Tier Wedding Cakes

Single Tier

Again we mentioned this must try trend in our Wedding Trends to Watch in 2016 2016 blog, beautifully simplistic single tier cakes will be a dominating trend this year. For those wanting a simplistic, sleek, or modern vibe for their wedding, the single tier cake is a must have.

We suggest checking out Bake You Smile.

Cheesecake Bar


Candy bars became hugely popular at weddings a few years back, and sparked inspiration for all other kinds of similarly styled dessert tables. Our favourite brain child of this so far has got to be the Cheesecake Bar. What could be better than a multi levelled table filled with dozens of adorable tiny cheese cakes with a plethora of toppings such as chocolate or caramel sauces and fruit coulis.

We suggest checking out Corica Pastries.

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