Wedding Trends to Watch in 2016

From colour palates to décor, the wedding and events scene is always changing. We’ve outlined the 10 trends that will be taking over 2016 weddings.

Native Australian Flora

Native Flora

A stunning way to connect with where you are celebrating your special day, using native Australian flowers and fauna is an ode to our big beautiful country. Banksia, nuytsia (christmas tree), xerochrysum (everlasting daisy), anigozanthos (kangaroo paws), and callistemon (Eureka) trees are our favourites.

Single Tier Wedding Cakes


Getting back to basics, many brides are opting for a one tier cake that features simplistic or minimal icing. The stylistic aspect of these cakes is the toppers, with many brides using fresh flowers to accent the minimalist cake, others go for the over the top candy overload. Use the cake toppers to tie together your theme and colours.

National Park Weddings

National Park

Australians are taking pride in the natural beauty that surrounds them, and are incorporating this into their weddings through more than just the flowers. Not only are our many national parks stunning settings for our weddings and receptions, but the make for incredible photo backdrops. This is the stuff wedding photography dreams are made of!

Custom Calligraphy


This trend transcends the wedding industry. You can find beautiful calligraphy everywhere now days. Especially if you’re on Instagram regularly. From inspiration quotes online, to posters this trend is here to stay. Incorporate calligraphy in your invitations, table numbers or seat labels, and in framed decorations around your reception. You could even offer calligraphy classes to keen the kids (and kids at heart) busy while you’re off getting the wedding photos done.

Warm Metallics


Whose doesn’t love a little sparkle. Shimmering bridesmaid’s dresses have been making a statement, and look particularly lovely outdoors where they reflect the natural light. Mixed metals are making their way into wedding and engagement bands as well, and make for a unique colour palate in table settings and invitations.

Long Table Dinners

long tables

This is a beautiful way to bring all the people you love, from both sides of your lives, together. Long tables look stunning and will make an impact on your guests. It also allows everyone to mingle as they won’t feel obliged to stay at the same seat all night. Also, not having to make a table plan will save you a ton of time.

Food Trucks/Popsicle Stands

wedding food trucks

Perth’s food scene has exploded in the past 3 years and from that there is now a plethora of food truck and vans to select from. This is such a unique was to cater a wedding, it offers everyone the opportunity to eat what they want and cuts down on wastage. Not to mention the vans, trucks and  themselves are often pretty darn cute!

Live entertainment

Live Music

Think cabaret singers, string quartets, and live jazz. What better way to get your party started? Live music adds an ambiance that can never be achieved through a DJ. The bands are wedding pros, they know how to read and interact with a crowd so they will be sure to keep the party pumping all night.

Drone Photography and Videography


Use technology to your advantage, and get wedding photos better than you could ever image. Having such a high perspective give the photographer and videographer a unique ability to capture the entire venue and ceremony in one shot. If you do take the drone plunge, be sure to plan and practice all of your formations in advance, those hearts look simple but can be anything but!

Powder Blue Hues

Powder Blue

Classic and elegant, pastel or powder blues make for a stunning introduction of colour that can suit any wedding theme. In the fashion world monochromatic styles have been popular on the runway and blue lends itself well to this trend. There are hundreds of different shades of blue, using powder blue as your base you can build a blue wonderland.

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