Wedding Dresses: Is it worth buying designer?

Wedding Dresses: Is it worth buying designer?

We often preface our blogs with this statement, but here it is again: It’s your wedding, so it will always come down to your personal choice.

There are pro’s and con’s to buying a designer dress or taking a cheaper route that fall far from the obvious issue of cost. Just remember, whatever you choose to wear on your wedding day, you will look fabulous.

Designer Dresses

The most obvious detractor to buying a designer dress is the cost, but since we all know that designer dresses cost upwards of $5000 let’s look at some other aspects of the decision.

Are you looking for a dress with specific details?


We all know that designer clothes fit differently. This is because they are handmade from the finest materials. If you are looking for very specific detailing on your dress, whether this be intricate beading or hand sewn embellishments, these sorts of details are only found when looking at designer labels. Designer doesn’t necessarily mean big name designers like Viviane Westwood and Carolina Herrera, there are hundreds of designers in Perth alone that can create unique dresses with detail to your hearts content.

Are you willing to look second hand?


Because of the high cost of buying designer dresses, some brides wind up selling their dress after the wedding. If you have had our heart set on wearing a Vera Wang down the aisle since you we 17 but you aren’t prepared to fork over the $10 000 this requires, there are heaps of great websites to help connect brides with the dress of their dreams second hand. If you can get the dress at half the cost, it’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Are you wanting a custom design that can only be delivered by a designer?


Some brides have a vision of what their dress should be, even if that particular dress may not exist yet. In this case it is worth the cost of hiring a designer. They will work with you to bring the dress in your head out into reality. Another plus having your dress custom designed, is that it will be made to your measurements, fitting every curve perfectly.

Off the Rack Dresses

Where are you getting married?


Your dress should suit your venue, if you are having a small beach side wedding, something simplistic and shorter will be well suited, whereas a traditional church wedding can accommodate a much larger more detailed dress. If your walking down the aisle in a vineyard, do you really want to be worrying whether your train is getting grass marks? Just make sure you pick a dress that suits the rest of the wedding, designer or not.

If you see another bride in the same dress, would you mind?


Buying off the rack is cheaper because these dresses are mass produced rather than handmade custom designs. Would going to a wedding 5 years after yours and seeing the same dress bother you? If so, maybe you should consider designer. If the thought of a few hundred other brides worldwide sharing the same dress with you isn’t a deal breaker, go for an off the rack number and spend your savings on an upgraded drinks package.

Have you researched the online store you are looking to buy from?


This is huge. While typing “Cheap wedding dresses” into Google can be tempting, these overseas websites must be taken with a grain of salt. While they are promising an identical stunning Marchesa knock off, what you receive could be anything but! These websites do not need to follow Australian consumer law, and they often will not return your money if you are unhappy with the product. Always red reviews before buying online, and keep in mind you will likely need to pay for professional tailoring once the dress arrives. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

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