7 Wedding Traditions To Let Go Of

7 Wedding Traditions To Let Go Of

7 Wedding Traditions To Let Go Of

Parents Paying for Everything

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This tradition stems from the dowry that was paid by the bride’s family to secure her a prominent suitor of status. The dowry was essentially the bride’s inheritance, given to her upon marriage to ensure stability should she be widowed, or to assist in the development of the household and to support her children.

Needless to say brides in 2016 no longer require this ‘stability’ and many couples planning their nuptials would prefer to foot the bill themselves, as it not only asserts their ability to work together to achieve goals and plan for the future, but it also means that they can plan their day around their vision, not the vision of their parents or in-laws.

The Gift Registry

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Most couples have already built a home together before the wedding, so the idea of doubling up everything in the kitchen doesn’t really have a lot of appeal. Trust your friends and family, and their creativity! By not giving them a specific shopping list, you’ll be forcing attendees to dig a bit deeper mentally and come up with a gift that is more personal to you and your partner.

Too nervous to leave the gifts up to the guests? Why not start a GoFundMe or a HoneyFund to help cover Honeymoon costs? Have some fun with it by creating different funding tiers.  Offer photo challenges, postcards, or magnets from each city visited.

White Dresses

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Traditionally it was blue that represented purity, not white. The blue eventually gave way to “something blue” as the love of the white dress won over. After several centuries of white though, many fashion forward brides are opting for bright jewel hues, or even a pattern! You are spending big bucks on this dress so why not get one that really shows of who you are. Every other aspect of a wedding is about both the bride and the groom, the wedding dress is all about the bride!

White Diamonds (or diamonds in general)


Rings symbolise the love and bond between husband and wife. While diamonds have been the stone of choice for engagement rings for well over a century, many future husbands (and wifes) are taking a more colourful route. This is something you will either be wearing, or looking at, for the rest of your lives. Create a ring together that shows who you are as a couple. It doesn’t hurt that celebrities have brought this into trend as well.

Not Seeing the Groom Until you Walk Down the Isle


This tradition draws roots from when the bride was considered property, by both her father and her groom. The approving father would hand his daughter over to the groom, seeing her as his bride for the first time, transferring ownership of his daughter to the groom. Yuck. You have spent the last (what were sure feels like) forever planning this day together, so why not spend the whole day together. Also having your pics done before the ceremony will help make the day run a lot smoother, and your hair and make-up will still look perfect to boot!

Being Carried Over the Threshold


Way back when, in order to prove just how innocent you were as a bride, you were expected to be hesitant to “give yourself” to your new husband. Essentially the only way you were to go into the room where you consummate your marriage was if you were carried in against your will. So not romantic! In the 21st century not only is this tradition unnecessary on its merits, but rarely is there anyone to show of your hesitation to, as gone are the days when the whole group of guests would follow you to the bedroom like weirdos!

The Wedding Garter


One of the oldest, and we think ickier traditions is the wedding garter. Guests used to physically rip chunks off of the bride’s dress to get a piece of her good luck. The bride in defence would throw her garter to the stampede of luckless ladies trying to tear her clothes off. This tradition has now turned into the stomach churning occasional strip tease, or husband removing the garter with his teeth. Does your Nan really need to see any of that? If you really want something for the groom to throw to all the lads looking for love, make a man friendly bouquet from lollies and part of the mini bar.

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