7 Unique Wedding Themes

7 Unique Wedding Themes

Every couple wants to create a day that is as unique as they are. It can be hard to pick a theme that represents who you and your partner are as a couple without going into the realm of weird or tacky. Here are 7 subtle themes that will offer stylistic guidance to your wedding without going overboard. Just remember, the key to a successful themed wedding is in the little details.

The Great Gatsby

20 Wedding (1)

The 20s are on their way back in, literally it’s already 2016! The 20s were all about swing music and glamour. Strong attention to detail is a must for this theme, beading and fringe detail on the wedding and bridesmaid dresses, pinstriped suits, and intricate headpieces. For floral arrangements, dried roses in cream or pastel colours would not only be stunning on the day but would make for a great keepsake as well. Centerpieces could be done yourself at home using large ostrich feathers and long strands of fake pearls.


Medieval Wedding

Think Game of Thrones meets Camelot. Earthy colours, with lots of natural decorations such as wildflowers, acorns, moss, and pinecones. If you are getting married in the winter a fur shawl would be a stunning touch. This theme is really brought together by the venue of both the wedding and the reception. Look for old churches or cathedrals, or for wineries with stone cellars. How much more medieval could you feel than drinking wine from a goblet is some ancient building or cellar?


Disney Wedding

Who doesn’t want to play princess for a day? While we suggest going for small details to bring together your theme without being to kitchy, the Disney theme lends itself well to going all out. If you are looking for subtle touches, use centerpieces, photobooth props, and invitations to carry the theme. A centerpiece idea that really stood out to us was the rose from Beauty and the Beast. If you are leaning more towards the all-out, match your dress or hair to your favorite princess.

Video Games

Video Game Wedding

The average video game player is between the ages of 25-45 and it is an even male female split. Gone are the days when it’s assumed video games are just for little boys. If you and your beloved are both big into video games, let this shared passion show through on your wedding day! Some cute ideas are a x-box level up sign for photo time, a Mario themed bouquet, or engagement photos dressed as your favorite characters.


Carnival Wedding

Kissing booths, fairy floss, and ring toss games are just the beginning when planning a carnival themed wedding. This old time vintage theme is fun for the whole family. The kids will love the bright colours and candy buffet while the adults can relish in the nostalgia. Bonbonéire ideas include salt water taffy  and whirligigs, and you could really bring the theme to life with an authentic photobooth.

Library/Book Worm

Book Wedding

Are you both big bookworms? Did you meet while studying? Share your love of all things literary by using the written work to style your big day. Books can be incorporated into all kinds of unique decorations, whether it be quirky homemade centerpieces, or the arch you stand under to say I do. Old books are a great resource for styling your invitations and can make cute props in the engagement and wedding photos too!

Vintage Travel

Travel Wedding

Bitten by the travel bug? Share your love of each other, and the world, with the world. Old maps can be used to make invitations, origami flowers for your bouquet or boutonnière, and to make cute props for guests to use in the photo booth. Arrange the seating plan with a “where in the world are you sitting” map, with each table being a different country that you and your partner have been to together. Vintage suitcases make for a great décor feature and a lovely prop for the wedding and engagement photos. These old suitcases are also perfect for collecting cards with well wishes at the gift table.



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