Wedding Trends

Every year wedding trends change. It is no surprise that in recent years, due to tough economic times, many of these trends are about saving money. Brides and grooms are no longer able to spend as much or at least willing to break the bank for a large and in charge wedding day. Also, it seems that couples are going for less formal weddings and opting for casual affairs.

A small guest list:
Years ago, it was not uncommon for couples to have 200 or more guests on their invite list. These days, in order to save some cash, brides and grooms are choosing to have fewer guests which mean less money. Think about having just family and close friends. A wedding with 50 to 75 guests can be just as meaningful, if not more so, than one with 300.

All in one:
Weddings that have both the ceremony and reception at the same site is really gaining popularity in 2014. Why? Well, it simplifies the wedding and vendors are will to negotiate more on price if you do a package deal, hence, saving money and also saving hassles for your guests.

Choose an off day and time of year for the wedding:
Vendors are seeing more Friday and Sunday bookings, some even reporting small mid-week weddings. Saturdays are always the most expensive day to book an affair. June is still the most popular month, but September is now gaining speed and is becoming the month of choice for off-season weddings.

Internet galore:
The internet is used in so many ways when it comes to weddings. And the best thing is that you can get great advice, tips and tricks for free! Couples are also registering online and some are using the internet for “Save the Dates” and much more.

Keep it casual:
Did you know that tuxedo rentals have declined in recent years? Grooms are opting for suits or even a more casual look such as khakis if it is a very casual wedding. Same goes for the bride. Simple wedding dresses equal a smaller price tag, and with some brides, that is all they need.