Mini-moon – Short honeymoon ideas for Perth brides

East Coast Seat Sales With budget airlines like JetStar and TigerAir, it is now more affordable than ever to explore the Eastern Coast of Australia. Start looking for your flights well in advance, and use the tools provided by sites like skyscanner to set alerts for your choice destinations during your ideal times. If you […]

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Cake Trends

Wedding Cake Trends: Satisfy your sweet tooth in style

Other than the bride, it’s the cake that is the centre of attention at a wedding. They tie together your theme, make for great pictures, and keep the kids busy until the sugar high hits. Food brings together family and friends, every wedding needs a great cake! Not only should your cake be a work […]

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Wedding Trends to Watch in 2016

From colour palates to décor, the wedding and events scene is always changing. We’ve outlined the 10 trends that will be taking over 2016 weddings. Native Australian Flora A stunning way to connect with where you are celebrating your special day, using native Australian flowers and fauna is an ode to our big beautiful country. Banksia, […]

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7 Wedding Traditions To Let Go Of

7 Wedding Traditions To Let Go Of Parents Paying for Everything This tradition stems from the dowry that was paid by the bride’s family to secure her a prominent suitor of status. The dowry was essentially the bride’s inheritance, given to her upon marriage to ensure stability should she be widowed, or to assist in […]

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Wedding Trends

Every year wedding trends change. It is no surprise that in recent years, due to tough economic times, many of these trends are about saving money. Brides and grooms are no longer able to spend as much or at least willing to break the bank for a large and in charge wedding day. Also, it […]

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Color of the Season: MINT

First of all, your theme colour is the thing which guests notice most, (second to your gown). It needs to make you to feel good and this season – MINT is the colour of choice.

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Makeup Trends

Styles come and go. Avoid make-up trends on your wedding day and aim for a timeless, classic face. Choose a bridal look that’s a good fit for your personality and style. Red lips are classic, ageless and looks fabulous in Black & White photographs. The rule of thumb is you either play up lips or […]

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Hottest Trends 2013

We all know that this has to be the hardest (but most exciting) part of organising your wedding – it all comes down to the gown. Did you fall in love with the first one you tired on? Or have you scoured through pages and pages of magazines just trying to find the perfect one? […]

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