Mini-moon – Short honeymoon ideas for Perth brides

East Coast Seat Sales With budget airlines like JetStar and TigerAir, it is now more affordable than ever to explore the Eastern Coast of Australia. Start looking for your flights well in advance, and use the tools provided by sites like skyscanner to set alerts for your choice destinations during your ideal times. If you […]

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Eat the Street Hens Party

Bridal Shower vs Hens Party – Classy ideas to celebrate your upcoming nuptials

What happened to the Bridal Shower? If the OTT Hens Party with too much booze, with penis straws and the possibility of a stripper is so not your thing we’ve got some great ideas for a more refined evening that still give yous a great day out with the girls! The Lip Lab Have you […]

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Whose day is it anyway? Three tips to keep you sane while organising your wedding

People joke all the time that their wedding was more for their parents than it is for them, but too often this is the truth. It’s not just our parents, but our siblings, great aunt Jane, our best friend from high school; everyone seems to have a vision of what your big day should be […]

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The perfect tan – Avoid looking like Trump while saying I do

Everyone wants to have that perfect glow, but nobody wants to deal with the negative side effects of too many UV rays. Keep your skin healthy and looking young by mastering the dark art of fake tan. Pun totally intended. There are a few different ways to approach your sun safe glow, and we’ll cover […]

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Delish Weddings

Unique and affordable ways to cater your wedding

Food Trucks With food trucks you can pick a package that suits your budget and when the package runs out guests have the option of buying food if they need it. Eat No Evil are a South American inspired food truck that really have their catering skills on point! Their food focuses on fresh local ingredients […]

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10 things you MUST see at this year’s Perth Bridal Fair

Couture gowns in our 6 daily fashion parades from local and international designers are sure to stun each bride to be in attendance. See how the dress of your dreams looks under lights, in movement, and in photos. There are also hundreds of dress at the show that you can try one so you can […]

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Cake Trends

Wedding Cake Trends: Satisfy your sweet tooth in style

Other than the bride, it’s the cake that is the centre of attention at a wedding. They tie together your theme, make for great pictures, and keep the kids busy until the sugar high hits. Food brings together family and friends, every wedding needs a great cake! Not only should your cake be a work […]

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Wedding Trends to Watch in 2016

From colour palates to décor, the wedding and events scene is always changing. We’ve outlined the 10 trends that will be taking over 2016 weddings. Native Australian Flora A stunning way to connect with where you are celebrating your special day, using native Australian flowers and fauna is an ode to our big beautiful country. Banksia, […]

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What’s the Best Month to Wed in Perth?

We live in one of the most beautifully sunny cities in the world. Perth is actually the sunniest capital city on the planet with an average of 8 unobstructed hours of sunshine all 365 days of the year! All this sunshine can make or break your wedding though. Too much sun with Grandpa in a […]

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What You’ll Find at This Year’s Perth Bridal Fair

As Perth largest annual bridal event, Perth Bridal Fair offers an extensive range of resources all in one location for brides and grooms to be. There will be Fashion Parades running on the main stage throughout the day. Runway times are every hour on the hour starting at 10 AM both Saturday and Sunday. We are […]

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Wedding Dresses: Is it worth buying designer?

We often preface our blogs with this statement, but here it is again: It’s your wedding, so it will always come down to your personal choice. There are pro’s and con’s to buying a designer dress or taking a cheaper route that fall far from the obvious issue of cost. Just remember, whatever you choose […]

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