East Coast Seat Sales

Sydney Light House

With budget airlines like JetStar and TigerAir, it is now more affordable than ever to explore the Eastern Coast of Australia. Start looking for your flights well in advance, and use the tools provided by sites like skyscanner to set alerts for your choice destinations during your ideal times.

If you are a little bit more laid back with when you fly, try using a site like I Know The Pilot. Their daily newsletters are a bit overwhelming, but they offer some seriously good deals. Return flight to Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney have been listed as cheap as $95 return!

The flights are all short, under 5 hours each, and with a maximum of 3 hours time difference it is easy to adjust quickly. A four day trip can still feel like a much longer holiday if well planned.

Make sure you know where you want to eat, book in a massage in advance, and catch ubers instead of the bus. You will fit in all the trimmings of a holiday without having to book more than a couple days off work.

Venture North

Kalbarri Natures Window Honeymoon

Why not head North? There is so much to see, and within driving distance – for the most part.

You’ll want to make sure you have a reliable car with good airconditioning. If your car doesn’t fit that description, you can always look to rent. By using online offers or the entertainment book you can get a pretty good deal on a vehicle that will make your journey safe, and more comfortable.

Somewhere like Kalbarri is only a 5 hour drive from Perth, or if you drive another 4  hours you could visit Monkey Mia.

These sleepy communities have all you need to feel truly relaxed: great beach, lots of sunshine and the beauty of national parks all around.

Make sure you bring your snorkelling gear, the blue holes in Kalbarri is perfect for snorkelers of any age or skill level, and Monkey Mia are known for their friendly dolphins.

Venture South

South West WA

Many people in Perth make the voyage south at least once a year, but very few make it further than Margaret River.

Albany and Denmark are both under a 5 hour drive from Perth when driving inland, or a 7-8 hour drive when sticking to the coast.

Albany and Denmark are both renowned for their food and drink scene, with Albany being home to West Australia’s first single malt whiskey produced by Limeburners. The distillery also just won the title of 2017’s best International Whisky in the World at the American Distilling Institute’s annual spirits awards, in Baltimore US.

If whiskey isn’t your thing, check out the Black Pig Cyder Company in Denmark. They are a family run, traditional cyder producer making a mighty fine drop. The spelling of cyder with a ‘y’ points to the quality of their product. Cyder can only be called as such when the drink is prepared from a single pressing of vintage fruit. This is rarely done on a commercial scale due to the time and effort involved, making Black Pig a must try.

The 1000km Bibbulmun Track also ends in Albany, walking the final 20 – 30 km makes for a lovely day hike.