What’s the Best Month to Wed in Perth?

What’s the Best Month to Wed in Perth?

We live in one of the most beautifully sunny cities in the world. Perth is actually the sunniest capital city on the planet with an average of 8 unobstructed hours of sunshine all 365 days of the year!

All this sunshine can make or break your wedding though. Too much sun with Grandpa in a suit is not a good combo, but neither is a bride in the rain.

We’ve listed what we believe are the best and worst months to get married in Perth.

Best Months


flower weddings

Western Australia has more than 12 000 different species of wildflowers and they are in their prime through September and October. September can still be volatile with winter storms coming through, so by selecting October you get to enjoy the wildflowers while taking comfort that the average rainfall is under 55mm.


Sunny wedding

April like October is a low rainfall month at an average of 43.8mm. April also offers all of the sun with far less of the heat! You will have bright stunning wedding photos, without melting makeup, and granddad will be just fine in his three-piece suit.

Worst Months



Right after Christmas, which is better known as silly season, the last thing on many people’s minds is another party. Outside of that, January and February are the 2 hottest months in Perth. No one wants to be all dolled up in the middle of a heat wave. Unless you take your wedding photos early morning to avoid the makeup melt, and then hide in the air con all day, your guests could become hot and bothered rather quickly.


stormy perth

June, on average, is Perth wettest month closely followed by July. The average rainfall is 173.9mm and 168.4 mm respectively. The weather will be cooler, but if you are having a wedding that relies on the outdoors in any way June/July is not the date for you! Dark clouds could also dampen your wedding photos, affecting the natural light.

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