Flowers: Fresh or Fake? Making the Right Decision

Flowers: Fresh or Fake? Making the Right Decision

Flowers: Fresh or Fake? Making the Right Decision

Let’s start by saying the one thing you likely don’t want us to start by say: There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to planning a wedding. At least not generally. There is only what will be right or wrong for you, the couple actually getting married.

We will look at the pros and cons of both fresh and fake flowers so that you can make a decision that you will be happy with for your big day.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers


  • Memorable
  • Fragrant
  • Professional floral arrangements


  • Cost
  • Difficult to Transport
  • Allergies


Fresh flowers make a statement in both appearance and scent. Guests will remember both the stunning arrangements and colours of fresh flowers.

Having a professional not only arrange the flowers but also offer insight on flower selection will ensure you achieve the desired atmosphere. You will also save a lot of time as florists will often also take care of transportation and set up. These service will come at a premium cost though.

It is also important to be mindful of guests that have severe hay fever or pollen allergies, you don’t want to best man having red puffy eyes in all of your photos!

Fake flowers

 Fake flowers


  • Easy to Move
  • Last forever
  • Cheaper


  • Can look cheap
  • No professional guidance for arrangements, time consuming
  • Can fray if moved excessively


If going the fake flower route, it is important to be selective with the silk flowers that you choose to use. Using the cheapest fake flowers, or not taking enough care when hand making paper or fabric flowers can result in a cheap look which will affect the overall atmosphere of the wedding.

That being said if you’re selective about your materials the results can be stunning. Using old broaches and costume jewellery adds colour and sparkle to the arrangements. Sheet music and maps make stunning unique flowers that could help tie together a theme. You can be very creative when opting to make your own bouquet.

Making your arrangements yourself can be challenging and time consuming, but if done right the results are significantly cheaper and look amazing.

The best part about using fake arrangements is that hey last forever. Just let anyone who takes one home know that over time with wear the silk flowers will fray so be careful.


Think about what flowers will be in season during your wedding, this will keep costs down and ensure you have the freshest flowers.

You could consider using a mixture of both fresh and fake flowers. It is all about what is right for you so feel free to mix things up!

If you (or your bridesmaids!) are crafty, get creative! You can use so many different materials to make bouquets, boutonnières, and centrepieces. We suggest experimenting with tulle or ribbon flowers, jewel pendants and broaches, old strands of pearls, and paper like maps or pictures.

Use water to create unique (and inexpensive) centrepieces. In a clear tall vase, a single stem silk flower fully immersed in water will glimmer and catch eyes from every angle.

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