How to Survive Your Wedding in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Be Organised


Dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s ahead of time means most of the stress is removed from the day itself. Get yourself a hand written diary. Writing lists by hand helps to commit your tasks to memory, while the lists themselves ensure you are not going to miss a beat. It also becomes a great keepsake to recount your whole planning process! We recommend

Write down your:

✒️ Ideas

💐 Appointments (floral, dress, venue)

📱 Vendor contacts

📓 Reminders

💸 Budget

📷 Keep inspiration photos

✏ Write down your timeline for the day

📋 Keep a list of your guests

Step 2: Delegate


You have your partner, your besties, all your family, and of course your bridesmaids and groomsmen who are going to be all too happy to help. Well at least enough of them that is!

Asking for help completing your massive to-do lists is nothing to shy away from. Not only will asking for help make your life easier, but it will also make all the people you love most feel more involved in the whole event.

Step 3: Trust the People You Hire

Wedding PLanner

Do your research. Hire photographers, caterers, and planners that have great reviews or come highly recommended and then let them do their job. It’s that easy! You are paying them for their expertise so no need to micro manage.

Step 4: RELAX!


This is YOUR day. Don’t look back and think what a big ball of stress you were making it perfect. Even if the napkins are not folded the way you requested, or if you are running 45 minutes late after getting out of the salon, it’s no worries. The big event can’t start without you.

Take a deep breath, you are beautiful, you look beautiful and everything will be great. Just focus on all of the love from your friends, family and partner that is surrounding you on your special day.

Have fun!

Perth Bridal Fair xx