Top 5 Budget Honeymoon Destinations from Perth

Everyone wants to have the perfect honeymoon, but after the perfect dress, ring, venue, and flowers well, there may not be a whole lot left in the piggy bank to fund it!

Bali and Thailand are the obvious cheap options but we will look at 5 more unique destinations that won’t bust the bank!

There are lots of ways to save when planning your inaugural married vacay, but the biggest ones outside of your destination is when you fly. Certain times of the year have certain prices, so even if you tie the knot in November it may be worth waiting until March as flights can be more than 50% cheaper at this time of year.


Flights $400 – $700
Resort $30 -$70 per night
Spending Money $40-$100 per day
10 Day round Trip: $1500 – $3100 per couple
Staying in a mid-range hotel, using taxis to get around, and eating a combination of local street food and in fancy restaurants, you would be hard pressed to spend more than $100 per day. That would be inclusive of some shopping as well! Massages only cost between $6 and $20, so spoil yourselves!
You can use either the local currency (the Dong) or American dollars. If you are planning to travel to the more rural areas it is better to carry local currency.
While tipping is not expected it is nice to offer tour guides, cleaning staff, and servers at the posher restaurants a couple of dollars.



Flights $300 – $700
Resort $70 – $150 per night
Spending Money $60 per day
10 Day round Trip: $2100 – $3600 per couple

You will be hard pressed to spend more than $60 AUD per day but this will obviously vary depending on the experience you wish to have. Street food is under $5 for a meal, while eating at posh restaurants in resorts will run close to your average meal in Perth. Life is all about balance so while some fancy meals are great, keep your costs down by eating like a local sometimes too.
Most vendors will expect American dollars. Make sure that you bring clean bills as worn, ripped, and marked bills can be rejected.
Don’t forget to research your visas. Most international boarders offer a $20 USD visa-on-arrival, just ensure the airport where you land does. Also, keep in mind that Anchor Wat has a $20 USD entry fee.

Myanmar (Burma)


Flights $400 – $700
Resort $50 – $150 per night
Spending Money $75 – $250 per day
10 Day round Trip: $2050 – $5400 per couple

While being a stunningly beautiful country, it can be difficult to navigate. For the less adventurous couple, you can still see the sites without having to push your limits too much. You can join group tours of major cities for roughly $10 per person per day, or could hire a private driver and guide for a cracker price for $100 per day. While this could bump up your overall trip cost, if you want a guided experience this is perfect for you!
You can expect restaurant meals to be $20-$70, the higher end representing meals with wine. Burmese lacquerware is extremely beautiful and this budget would still allow the wiggle room to bring home some lovely mementos.

Sri Lanka

sri lanka

Flights $600 – $1500
Resort $45 – $175
Spending Money $150- $350 per day
10 Day round Trip: $3150 – $8250 per couple

Sri Lanka has a total area of 65,610 km², with 64,740 km² of land and 870 km² of water. Its coastline is 1,340 km long. Beaches for days! This island is also playing for keeps when it comes to UNESCO World Heritage sites. Even though the island is relatively small they have a whopping 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites for you to visit.
To hire a driver and car costs roughly $60 per day, and with the ground you would need to cover to see these sites, it could be a wise and worthwhile investment.
All money used is the Rupee and the exchange rate is roughly 100 Rupees to one Australian Dollar. Your visa will be $30 each and you should secure it well in advance.



Flights $900 – $1200
Resort $150 – $300
Spending Money $180 – $400 per day
10 Day round Trip: $5100 – $9400 per couple

This is definitely a country that can get a bit pricey, not Paris pricey, but pricier than some of the other options on this list. While you do have the option of staying in medium range hotels, there are also some great all-inclusive options available here. Once again it all comes down to what experience you’re looking for.
Budget about $80 per day for activities such as visiting national parks or snorkelling. The snorkelling here is some of the best in the world.
Wherever you decide to go, just make sure you share all of your amazing pics with us at @perth_bridal_fair so that you can help other bride’s to be make their honeymoon decisions.
Have fun!
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* Each location shows a range of prices from throughout the year departing from Perth. All prices are sourced from Skyscanner and Momondo which are great sites to ensure you are paying bottom dollar for top airlines. Spending estimates were sourced through Lonely Planet.